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 Hello everyone. Life of each scrapbooker is a circle of great prosperity times when mojo is just boiling inside us and times where it's basically dead. It happens to me once in a while too. Great way to awake the creativity is to browse through amazing projects of other scrapbookers. It always leps me to get back my sparkle. There are few great sources and one of my favorite is Scrapbook.com Gallery. Thousands of SBC community members share their projects there and they are grouped by many categories. You can save most inspiring projects for later and easily find products used to make them. 

Recently the SBC Gallery had a great makeover making it even easier and fun to use! We were celebrating it with Pops of Positivity event on Instagram. Each participant had to create a project using Pops of Color - liquid pearls manufactured by Scrapbook.com. I created fun card with paint palette. 

Products I used:

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