Big Picture Classes "Mini Albums 101" class

Hello friends. Today I want to share with you my new class at Big Picture Classes. If you are a fan of mini albums and you want to learn how to make them, it's a class perfect for you. We will start from the basic tips and tricks about preparing photos and choosing the proper form of an album to making four albums in four different lessons. Each lesson have two videos with detailed step by step instructions, that are easy to follow.  If you are already a member of BPC, you can find this class here >> click
If you do not know what Big Picture Classes is, let me quickly introduce it to you. It's an online platform filled with scrapbooking classes. You sign up for a monthly subscription (10 $) and you have unlimited access to all the resources. You can watch every single lesson as many times as you want and each week there are new classes being added. You can try the site with free trial, to check if it is something you would like.

If you want to see all my albums, check the video below. 

And those are a quick peeks on my albums:

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